Startups and Data: How to Prevent Costly Security Breaches Before they Happen

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Today, business owners store a significant amount of key information on their business projects and online in the cloud, while also telecommunicating it to off-site employees. Therefore, protecting your small business from data breaches is more important than ever. In today’s digital marketplace, hackers are looking for new ways to steal your data and put your brand and your employees at risk.

It may not be possible to prevent all security breaches. However, there are things that you as the owner of a company can do to prevent security breaches at your startup company.

Forms of Security

There are many kinds of security breaches and different kinds of security to go with them. Breaches can occur to your company’s data stores or operating systems. For example, someone could hack your system with viruses or abuse data access to steal personal financial and business information.

Therefore, it’s essential to know different forms of safety measures that you can take to defend against different kinds of threats.

Password Protection

Many company systems come protected with passwords by default, and such passwords are simple to hack. Your IT team needs to make sure that you alter these defaults and adopt some best password creation policies to prevent data theft.

One essential fix is to diversify your passwords. Don’t use the same access codes on different computers, systems, or on different levels of access. In contrast, consider investing in a password vault, a protected system that allows you to store and keep track of all your passwords.

Employee Dismissal

Every company loses employees from time to time. One major preventable risk for security breaches comes from the data access that former employees still have. Be sure to disable their IT accounts and change all relevant passwords when you lose an employee.

It’s not just about worrying that an employee is a potential hacker. Simply having that information out in the world can be a potential security threat.

Security Administration

If you don’t know your way around your company’s security logs, you need to figure out how to become a good company administrator. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do this for you. This process includes reviewing your system logs every day and being able to identify potential threats and breaches.

Regular scans of your company’s network will ensure that there aren’t any aberrations in your system or hackers trying to install things on your network.

A big enough company can hire someone to do this, but a startup may need to do some research and figure out how to use Windows security to your advantage.


Imagine that you’re a home invader looking for a target. If you saw a house with the lights off and the doors and windows open, you would probably go there over somewhere that looked more secure. A business that doesn’t regularly update and patch its security software is like a house with all its doors open, vulnerable to robbery.

Microsoft offers products such as its security analyzer to help you keep up to date and ensure that your systems are secure and, more importantly, that they look secure to those who are looking for weak systems.

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How to Implement Secure Practices

Now you know some of the ways that security breaches can happen and some of the ways you can protect yourself. So, how do you implement these practices across your company?

You need to create a plan for your security so that all your employees and levels of management are on the same page. Therefore, training your employees and IT team on best security practices is a good idea.

Everyone who has access to your systems should know how to avoid malware, properly store file information, and generate strong passwords. In addition, you should limit how often your employees can access the company’s information outside of your systems. You should also educate them on security practices so that they know how to avoid data breaches at your startup while they’re on-site.

The Takeaway

Startup security breaches are a common occurrence today, but you don’t have to be a victim of one. By knowing the best security practices available, keeping your system updated, and training your employees, you can stay ahead of potential hackers.

Moreover, hiring a cybersecurity specialist can help you secure your system’s infrastructure. In addition, they can train your employees to ensure that your house is the one with the lights on and the doors closed.