If you run a small business or startup, chances are you’re a multi-tasker. Since your venture is small, you probably assume many roles, including financier, manager, and all-in-one human problem-solver.

If you could use apps to consolidate your tasks, keep better tabs on your business, and make your life easier, why wouldn’t you?

In this article, we will discuss 8 apps that a small business owner needs to optimize their operations. These apps will help you better manage the tasks you’re called upon to do in your company every day.


Accounting is one of the areas where technology can be extremely helpful. QuickBooks offers you software that helps you keep track of your expenses and sales, statements, profits, losses, and more.

By consolidating your financial accounts from your bank, cards, and online payment merchants, QuickBooks gives you an instant overview of your whole financial situation. It can also help you streamline your yearly statements by giving you advice on your tax deductions and automating payments to your vendors and employees.


As the busy manager of a startup, you’ve probably got a tangled network of important contacts. Addappt helps you consolidate that network. With its organizational tools, you can create contact groups and update information easily. Moreover, you can sync all your contact activity right to your phone.


Slack is an instant messenger designed with small businesses in mind. This app provides options for separate channels for company-wide public communication and one-on-one discussions with certain employees. Overall, Slack makes it easy to chat with your people and get them the information they need.

Importantly, it archives important information so that they can always find it in their message history. This is especially useful for online businesses that need to send guidelines to their content creators.


You know there are apps to manage your employees, but what about an app to manage yourself? RescueTime keeps detailed analytics on your daily activity, providing you with an accurate readout of exactly how you spent your time.


Square is a staple payment vendor for even the smallest business. Its compact card reader can attach directly to a phone or pad and makes every transaction simple.

If you’re also looking for a POS for your store, Square Register also offers merchant services for businesses that operate brick-and-mortar operations.


You already know that keeping an accurate account of expenses is essential to a small business. Expensify can potentially save you a ton of time on that. It consolidates all your expenses from your cards onto one convenient expense report.

In addition, it even allows you to incorporate photos of receipts from the purchases you made for your business in person.


This file hosting service has become a company staple and can be very useful for small businesses. This cloud-based file-sharing platform makes it convenient to send your people important files, no matter where they are.

If you’re collaborating on projects with people out of town or hiring people in other locations to do work for you, Dropbox is essential.


Even small businesses dream of expanding. Proven is a hub for posting job listings and managing your hiring process right from your phone. You can organize your prospects and keep tabs on your job board all from one convenient program.

The Takeaway

Small business owners and startups should make use of every tool available to them. There are many useful apps to help you with tasks ranging from consolidating your expense reports to hiring new employees. This technology was designed by business owners for business owners and you shouldn’t let it go to waste.